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Delano United

Delano United meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month contingent on business before the group.


Kendice Talty (DNA)

Vince Hancock (DNA)

Jennifer Ray (Business)

Christopher Parisho (DNA)

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Directors At Large

Cathy Holley (DCA)
Sherri Skupa (Business)
Brady Roberts (DCA)
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Delano United Bylaws

Delano United

Delano's Community Development Corporation

Delano United, Inc. was created to implement the Delano Neighborhood Revitalization Plan which was adopted by the City and County in 2001. The Delano Plan is currently under review and an updated version is expected to be adopted by the City Council early in 2019.

Delano United Projects

Delano United is actively working on several projects related to the Delano Plan.

The Delano Revitalization Plan 2019 Update has finally been adopted by the City and County and is now online for you to review.

The Ballpark Village Master Plan is an appendix to the Delano Plan and incluldes a set of guidelines governing the design and construction of a new sports complex to replace the former Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. This is the most recent project that we have been involved with the City on and possibly one of the quickest in it's development.

The Chisholm Trail Parkway is a proposed multi-use path along the abandoned railroad corridor north of Douglas. This parkway (first proposed in the 2001 Delano Plan) would connect the bike routes downtown and along the river with Friends and Newman Universities and ultimitely connect to the Prairie Sunset trail connecting west to Goddard and Garden Plain.

The Delano - West Douglas Bicycle Parking Plan was developed to design and place bike racks along the Douglas Avenue streetscape as well as the Chisholm Trail Parkway. This is a multi-year plan which places a few racks every year as needed and as funding is identified.

Our Local Food Initiative is our plan to deal with the fact that Delano is a "food desert." This is very much a work in progress and could include community gardens, a farmers market, food pantries, bodegas or even a full-service grocery. We are looking for people that are interested in working on this issue.

Delano United Partners & Stakeholders

Delano United coordinates activities and projects between the City of Wichita and various groups working in Delano such as: Delano Clergy Association, Delano Neighborhood Association, Historic Delano, and the Delano business community - as well as individuals and groups with an interest in Delano.

Mission Statement

To further the economic development of the historic Delano neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas by:

    Preserving and improving housing stock;
    Increasing employment opportunities;
    Incubating and supporting small businesses;
    and Raising up the next generation of community leaders.

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