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Delano United


Kendice Talty (DNA)

Vince Hancock (DNA)

Jennifer Ray (Business)

Christopher Parisho (GWA)

Susanne Smith (GWA)

Directors At Large

Cathy Holley (DCA)
Lance Minor (Business)

Delano United

Delano's Community Development Corporation

Delano United, Inc. was created to implement the Delano Neighborhood Revitalization Plan which was adopted by the City and County in 2001. The Delano Plan is being reviewed and an updated version is expected to be adopted by the City Council some time in 2019.

Delano United coordinates activities and projects between various groups working in Delano such as: Delano Clergy Association, Delano Neighborhood Association, Historic Delano, and the business community - as well as individuals and groups with an interest in Delano.

Mission Statement

To further the economic development of the historic Delano neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas by:

    Preserving and improving housing stock;
    Increasing employment opportunities;
    Incubating and supporting small businesses;
    and Raising up the next generation of community leaders.

Delano United Partners & Stakeholders

Delano United unifies the Delano Neighborhood Association, the Delano Clergy Association, Historic Delano, Inc., the City of Wichita and related businesses and organizations with an interest in Delano.

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