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Delano Community Garden


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The Delano Garden

Established in 2007, the Delano Community garden is an "Allotment Garden" which provides space for urban gardeners who have no space of their own.

Plots are assigned and each gardener pays a fee to help pay for the water.

For more information on the Delano Garden contact
Jim Martinson • 706-6283

Community Gardens

The Delano Community Garden is one of about a dozen gardens that are coordinated by Infinite Growth Opportunities (IGO)

For more information on the Community Gardens visit IGO's Website or contact
Susan Schocket • 204-3985

Welcome to the
Delano Community Garden!

The Delano Community Garden was chosen by the Sedgwick County Master Gardeners' so be on their 2015 Garden Tour. The garden tour was Friday, May 29th -Sunday, May 31st and over 5,000 people visited the garden over the weekend.

On Sunday, May 31st we had a Garden Party with acoustic music, crudités and hors d'ouvres which was attended by around 2,000 people.

Everyone is welcome to come tour the garden at any time

If you didn't plant it, nurture it, water it and weed it... DON'T PICK IT!

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